In-Person & Virtual

Social & Physical Distancing Procedures

We are taking the CDC guidelines and Broward County Health Department's rules very seriously and will have implemented various protocols to ensure your safety.

Please make sure you read them and follow these rules accordingly on event day.


  • Non-contact registration: We will employ a system that facilitates non-contact registration for participants, including the availability of online registration prior to the event and with electronic touch screen kiosks during the event. Kiosks will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes after each use.

  • Physical contact: We will request that participants avoid physical contact, such as handshakes and embraces, promoting alternative ways to greet fellow athletes and sponsors. The exchange of printed materials, such as business cards and sales brochures, will also be discouraged, with digital alternatives recommended.

  • Physical distancing: We will maintain a density of participants in line with local authority regulations and venue or other relevant guidance. This will be managed through one or more control measures such as pre-event communications to participants, a participant circulation path that maintains social distancing traffic system around the event venue, onsite signage and floor markings, and onsite social distance ambassadors/volunteers.

  • Food and beverage stations: Event teams & volunteers will work to employ the highest standard of food safety, minimizing self-service refreshments in favor of pre-packaged refreshment options in sealed bags which are prepared prior to the event. If any queuing is anticipated, social distancing will be maintained through the use of the outdoor event venue with ground markings and relevant event branded signage.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Participants will be asked to wear a face mask upon arrival. During the actual endurance competition participants will be advised to remove facemasks. Facemasks must be re-applied after the completion of the event. Further items of PPE, such as gloves and eye screens, will be used by participants and staff if appropriate and in line with local government and health authority advice.

  • First aid: We will have access to a qualified first aid responder and a separate quarantine area if possible. Participants will be asked not to attend if they are feeling unwell, and teams will follow local health authority guidance on detecting and managing anyone who displays symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Screening:The event will follow relevant health authority guidance on screening participants. This may include checking the temperatures of everyone on arrival via thermal scanning or other screening processes.

  • Enforce capacity limits as required by the city of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County.

    • Gross Square foot per person increased from Pre-Covid of 14 square feet required per person to 30 square feet per person.

  • Space out customer lines at registration kiosks and race starting corrals including an open start for a period of 90 minutes allowing for 10 participants to wave start every 5 seconds.

  • Increase the number of entrances to the starting corral.

  • Control participant lines and spacing with Stanchions and Floor Signs and A-Frame Signs.

  • Race course routes will be 1 direction out and 1 direction back in lanes separated by medians when possible. At other times, the runner direction will be separated by traffic cones. The start and finish line will never be at the same location so an open wave start line time of 90 minutes will be allowed.

  • Finisher medal distribution will be suspended at this time post event. We will hold post event packet pick ups or mail them out to participants.

  • Port-o-potties will only allow individual entry to each restroom with contactless hand sanitation.